Project proposal

Here are some things I'd like included in your proposal:

1. Content:

What is your topic? What specific ideas and/or skills would you like your audience to take away from your presentation? List them as specifically as possible, with examples where applicable.

2. Presentation:

How do you plan on structuring your presentation time? Make a list of topics/problems with approximate times. The presentation should be between 15-30 minutes, with the remaining time for the activity.

What visual(s) are you incorporating into your presentation? What technology and/or materials will you need for me to have set up for you? What are some questions you anticipate to get from your audience?

3. Activity:

Is the goal of the activity to reinforce what you've told the audience or to expand upon what you've told the audience? What is the format of the activity? Include as much detail as is necessary to convey your idea. If the activity is simply a "worksheet", provide some representative examples you might use.

4. Anything else? :

Any other ideas, or questions about potential ideas, you have should be included here. I will provide feedback.